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Great question! Having an on-staff physical therapist at iNFiT can offer professional guidance, injury prevention strategies, personalized programs, and injury rehabilitation services. It enhances the overall member experience, promotes safer and more effective workouts, and supports individuals in achieving their fitness goals while maintaining optimal health.


Dr. Daniel Waskiewicz PT, DPT, OCS

I was born and raised in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, in a town called Wheaton, IL. Sports were a huge part of my upbringing, and I had my fair share of injuries which led to me spending a lot of time in physical therapy. I knew at the time I wanted to be in the medical field and physical therapy seemed like a great fit.

While earning my Doctorate Degree at the University of Evansville, I was blessed with the opportunity to gain 3 months of clinical experience training and treating professional athletes at EXOS in Arizona. I absolutely fell in love with how detailed the care these athletes received was, and I will always strive to bring this to all clients I work with. Following my graduation, I was accepted into an Orthopedic Residency through the University of Indianapolis where I then received my Board Certification as an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. I bring this up because my desire for learning and growing allows me to constantly push myself to be the best I can for my clients.

When I am not working, I am likely exploring the outdoors with my wife, golfing or watching sports with friends. Most consider me to be a huge people person, which is another reason I love my career. Along with pushing others on their fitness journey I am always pushing myself in the gym setting. I truly believe in the saying “practice what you preach” and am always striving to improve my health and performance so I can live a long and happy life.

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Rehabilitation services include dry needling, cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization and much more. These techniques can be used to reduce pain and inflammation, increase soft tissue extensibility, increase joint mobility and ultimately improve performance whether you are actively injured or just maximizing your recovery. We do not accept insurance for physical therapy to bring more savings and access to our clients.

Now accepting HSA/FSA and Insurance Reimbursement Options Available (No Medicare Reimbursement Options)

If you'd like to book a session with Dr. Dan, please use the button below and email him directly to book your session.

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